Applying for Children

Rules of the Child Modeling World

• Don’t spend any money on professional pictures, Use your smartphone
• Real agencies do not need professional pictures to decide on your child
• Kids do not need training or experience to get modeling jobs
• Because kids generally are cute, this is most competitive modeling category
• Don’t pay upfront fees
• Modeling classes are OK for fun, but not making money
• Do not participate in expensive contests or events – submit free to any agency
• Do not leave your child out of your sight either at an audition or job
• Model agencies normally take 20% of what your child earns
• Signing agreements is OK but be clear on the time length and percentage terms
• Child modeling is part time – hey, how many supermodels are kids? (Answer: none)

The Southern California region, including Los Angeles and San Diego, functions as one big marketplace. Therefore when children are represented by multiple agencies it causes confusion and lost money for the models and the agency.

San Diego Model Management only represents child models who are with us exclusively in the Southern California area.

This category is for children 3 to 12 years of age.

We only get back to people if we are interested in their child. The reason is that there are simply too many submissions to contact everyone back and tell them “no”.

Kindly do not ask why we did not want your child. Agency personnel are not allowed to give reasons.

Individual images must be under 1mb.